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Melanin lenses from Koda Optical - Your manufacturing source for sun lenses, computer lenses, and reading lenses with Melanin.

Plano sun lenses, computer lenses and reading lenses are now available to optical lens and sunglass distributors through China-based Koda Optical under a licensing agreement with Photoprotective Technologies (PPT).

The new melanin lens products utilize Koda Optical's superb lens-manufacturing technologies in combination with PPT's melanin patents and technologies. Koda Optical has a decade-long history of developing and manufacturing melanin lenses in conjunction with PPT and Bocu Vision. Koda Optical has also been an industry leader in manufacturing injection-molded and thermocast lenses in China with a reputation of a highly trusted quality and service among its international distributors and customers.

Whether you are a sunglass distributor, a retailer, or a sales rep, we welcome your input or any questions you might have. (go to Contact Us. To learn about the role of melanin in sunlight protection go to Melanin. For a more detailed documentation of the science behind melanin photoprotection visit Documentation. We offer melanin lenses in the highest quality polycarbonate, CR39 and acrylic. EVERY lenses is inspected before it leaves Our facility. For more details, go to Melanin Lenses.